In all my years of reading, I’ve found that the voice of a man speaking about a “man in love” is missing. Romances are usually directed toward women. It’s a woman who speaks to the audience in the theater of life. This soft whispering voice is starting to be quietly expressed and hungered for by men and not just by women.

A voice, which speaks to women from a man’s point of view, is finally being uttered on how and what men go through in a relationship. Since man is not known as an "emotional being," an explanation on how he sees these emotions is what I want to show in my novels.
I want to speak from the point of view of a man - in his commitment to all
the women in his life, especially to his mother, girlfriend, wife and/or lover. To give subtle hints on "how a man thinks," and what is important to him in the rapport he has with a woman.

     I have embarked on very turbulent ocean waters of feelings, but there is a need to be heard and also to be spoken by the very core of a man’s understanding, what a woman desires to hear from him, and he from her.

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