Michael Perrotta


"Under the Sycamores"   

Emilia remembers a time when she was completely free.
On a long weekend she meets her "anima gemella," her twin soul.
Morals, obligations and resposibilities fight against her desires.
A novel full of feelings ... she takes the steps down to the bottom of her heart, of her life and of all the lost passions ... to find the courage to be true to herself.

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     "You see, I love hearing what is in your heart, Emilia. What you pour out of yourself to me. Like a hungry lioness ripping the flesh off the cracked bones of her prey to feed her cub. This is how I experience you. You have so much courage, Emilia. Much more than me.”

Traduzione in italiano:
     "Vedi Emilia, amo ascoltare cio' che e' dentro il tuo cuore, il tuo rivelarti. Affamata come una leonessa che strappa, dalle ossa spezzate, la carne dalla (sua) preda per sfamare il suo cucciolo. Ecco come io ti sento. Hai cosi' tanto coraggio Emilia, molto piu' di me."

"The Old Seagull and the Tide-Walker"


     Jag came to resurrect a dream, which had been gnawing at him ever since his youth. Working long days ... long hours ... life had passed him by.

A novel full of life's circumstances, emotiona burdens ... until one day meeting a special friend.

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     “As a perfect struggler, I suppose, I can forgive myself a little for past failures, regrets ... for there was no lack of effort."
     "So now you begin to live, my friend."

Traduzione in italiano:
     "Come un perfetto lottatore, suppongo, mi potrei perdonare un po' per insuccessi del passato, rimpianti ... non per un mio mancato sforzo."
     "Adesso inizii a vivere, amico mio."
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